WordPress Theme: Burger Factory

A minimalist WordPress theme that focuses on the writing.

There’s also a dark version if you’re into that.

I created this theme to be basic and minimal. It works best with a simple site description, sidebar with only a single menu with short items, and excerpts for each post which will be shown as the summaries on the main list.

It has widget areas for after posts and pages so you can add the extra stuff in there.

Of course you can mess around with it any way you like.


You can download the theme from wordpress.org, or install it right from your admin section by going to Appearance > Themes, clicking the add new button and searching for “Burger Factory.”


Added in version 1.3 (June 2019):

  • Added more widget regions.
  • Compatibility to WordPress 5.2

Added in version 1.2 (Nov 2018):

  • Choose from a dark or light theme!

Added in version 1.1:

  • Change the accent colours
  • Customize the footer copy*
  • Widget areas for below pages and below single posts

Support / Help

This theme is released free under a GPL license, so there’s no support provided. However if you send me an email I can try to help you out.

You can send me an email by clicking this link worded elephant for no reason.


Like this theme and want to give back? Buy me a beer. Keep your money! But maybe check out my mental health app, Grapefruit, or my finance app, Count Your Money.

Or just go write something open and honest and put it out into the world. 🙂