Theme: Burger Factory

A Minimalist WordPress Theme With A Delicious Name

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I created this theme to be basic and minimal. It works best with a simple tagline, simple menu, and excerpts for each post. Get rid of all the things in the sidebar except for a single menu for the best experience, especially on mobile.

Of course you can mess around with it any way you like.

Download / Preview

You can download the theme from, or install it right from your admin section by going to Appearance > Themes, clicking the add new button and searching for “Burger Factory.”

If you need a preview, just click around this site. It’s exactly the same as the theme you download.


Options added in version 1.1:

  • Change the accent colours
  • Customize the footer copy*
  • Widget areas for below pages and below single posts

If you’d like more customization options in the next version, contact me (see below.)

* Please do remove the “Theme by” link in the footer and make the theme your own! I would still love a credit somewhere on your site, and/or a donation using the option below, but don’t feel like you have to. 🙂

Support / Help

This theme is released free under a GPL license, so there’s no support provided. However if you send me an email I can try to help you out, and / or use your questions to build out a guide.


You can send me an email by clicking this link worded elephant for no reason.


Like this theme? Get some value out of it? Anything you donate will go towards development costs of adding new features to this theme, or creating more! Thanks to everyone who has donated already.

Read more about the creation process of this theme.

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