Theme: Burger Factory

A Minimalist WordPress Theme With A Delicious Name

Get the theme of this site to use on your own site. It’s free! You’re welcome to buy me a side of fries though if you really love it.

I created this theme to be basic and minimal. It works best with a simple tagline, simple menu, and excerpts for each post. Get rid of all the things in the sidebar except for a single menu for the best experience, especially on mobile.

Of course you can mess around with it any way you like.

Happy writing!

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Email me what you’re looking to do and let’s chat.

Download / Preview

You can download the theme from, or install it right from your admin section by going to Appearance > Themes, clicking the add new button and searching for “Burger Factory.”

If you need a preview, just click around this site. It’s exactly the same as the theme you download.


Options added in version 1.1:

  • Change the accent colours
  • Customize the footer copy*
  • Widget areas for below pages and below single posts

If you’d like more customization options in the next version, contact me (see below.)

* If you remove the “Theme by” link in the footer, be a good free-software citizen and credit me somewhere on your site.

Support / Help

This theme is released free under a GPL license, so there’s no support provided. However if you send me an email I can try to help you out, and / or use your questions to build out a guide.


You can send me an email by clicking this link worded elephant for no reason.

Read more about the creation process of this theme.

Banner Photo by Edward Franklin