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What should I write this week?


A conversation with my imaginary editor after not having a good topic to write about.

If no particular topic on my backlog of topics is inspiring me in a given week, it can be tough to know what to write about. I find, though, it's best to go with a topic that's present in your mind. And to dig one out, I just have to have a conversation with an imaginary editor. Something like:

“You don’t know what to write, well, what did you spend all week thinking about?”

“My butt?”

“Maybe. What else ya got?”

“My pants.”

“You wrote about those a couple weeks ago. What else.”

“Your butt?”

“It doesn’t actually exist. Keep going.”

“Why I think the pressure to go outside when it’s warm and sunny is a waste of time. Do what you want when you want, you know?”

“There ya go!”

“Excellent. Can I go sit down now?”

“You are sitting.”

“Dammit. I was hoping I could be more comfortable than this. There’s not really anywhere to go from here then.”


“Then why are we still doing this?”

“I think it’s helpful for your readers to know you talk to yourself.”

“I’m not alone, you’re here.”

“I’m really not.”

“Huh. So all this time I’ve just been…”

“…cooking for two and lighting candles and eating in front of a mirror?”




Anyway, I don't enjoy the pressure to go outside just because it's warm outside if the thing I want to do is inside. That pressure can come from yourself (I should go outside!) or others (We should go outside!) but either way it's totes BS, fella. FOMO can FO, y'know?

There's really not more to say on that topic.

The imaginary editor's voice was in italics because I think if the APA style guide had a section for quoting voices in your head, that's what they'd recommend.

"I disagree."

"Shut up, we're done now."