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All the things I'm not going to write about in 2017

This Project

During 2016, I generated a long list of article ideas. But I'm gonna leave them in 2016. Here are the best and dumbest ones that won't get written.

An idea list is great in theory. (And as an emergency backup.) But on any given week, I generally just ask myself, “what’s been on my mind this week?” and I write about that. So instead of carrying this list forward into 2017, and then still rarely using it, I'm gonna empty it.

I encourage you to do the same with whatever list you have around. Ideas, to-dos, reading lists. Let's not carry our old ideas around like baggage. Let's have confidence in our creativity and start fresh in 2017. It's better than a resolution because it’s done before you can break it.

Rather than just hit the delete key, I’m going to empty my ideas list here in public for anyone who might be interested in reading them or picking one up to write about. Maybe it'll spur a great idea that kicks off someone's 2017!

I’ll split it into a few lists.

First, here are the ones that came closest to being written:

6 Months Sober

When I hit the 6 months sober mark, I thought I'd talk about what it was like. I wrote half a draft. It was dull. I scrapped it and later I came up with a different angle and wrote it as Alcohol & Working From Home.

"When socializing doesn’t come naturally, the last thing you want to do is constantly be putting up another barrier."

The Stripper Chose Me

I found myself uncharacteristically in a strip club with some friends. A stripper approached us but ignored my friends and targeted me. I was kinda insulted that she thought I'd be the easier target and/or the one who was missing human contact in his life. I assume they'd have good instincts for that sorta thing. Or maybe I was projecting my insecurities onto a random situation.

Dating, you sorta make sense now

Historically bad at dating, this was a list of all the rules and guidelines I learned / developed so I could fight against my bad instincts and learn to have lasting, meaningful relationships. A contrast to WTF dating, you make no sense.

Guilty Pleasure Foods

I feel guilty and embarrassed when I buy certain foods. But why? I like what I like. And I buy plenty of unhealthy things without batting an eye. Why are certain foods shameful to me? I was going to list them all and own my desires of "embarrassing" foods. Sour Cream 'n Onion Rings, I love you.

Virtual Reality Pharmaceuticals

Using a VR helmet makes me dizzy. If a large part of life for future generations is going to be in VR — remote meetings; hanging with friends; playing games; dating, even — maybe pharmaceuticals to help people cope with the side effects will be big business.

The Bathroom Excuse

Why do we make excuses when we go to the bathroom? "I drank a lot of coffee today." I don’t think people generally judge and yet we can feel so weird if we excuse ourselves too frequently. Sometimes you need to do two number twos in a row. It's okay.

We are poop machines

If you look at humans as machines, we take food as an input and our outputs are human waste. What if aliens have use for our excrement and farm humans to harvest it? Kinda like how humans use cows to turn grass into meat.

The most embarrassing things in my YouTube history

I thought this would be a great article about owning your preferences similar to the Guilty Pleasure Foods idea but, when I went digging, there was nothing very embarrassing in there. Oh well.

Addictions are just habits other people don't like

I was trying to figure out the difference between the two. I have a physical dependancy on food but no one would call it my food addiction unless it's harmful. But who's to say what's harmful? Am I addicted to Netflix or is my binging a habit that helps me relax and de-stress?

Now, of the leftover ones here are those with titles clear enough to understand without commentary:

  • The limited uses for Siri
  • TV is weed
  • A man does what he says
  • The word misuses that used to drive me crazy but don't anymore
  • A restaurant called 'Food'
  • In defence of [a thing that's easy to complain about like the government]
  • My kingdom for a keen interest
  • Sometimes you just gotta wait to be happy again
  • Why I don't call it my 'cheat day'
  • How much this blog cost
  • Picking up dog shit to move forward
  • Deadlines vs. habits
  • There's nothing wrong with watching TV. “You don’t have to read books”
  • How I'm becoming a better generalist
  • Balancing the now vs the eternal

And lastly these are probably too abstract as titles-only but here they are anyway:

  • Mood swings
  • Why would I do with nothing to do?
  • How much is it worth to suffer a little stress?
  • I don't want to eat today
  • Gratitude
  • No Awesome No More
  • My setup
  • Attractiveness
  • Constantly taking notes
  • That thing that doesn't exist

And that's it.

Ideas list officially purged. Now it’s your turn.