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Reset or Restart?

Personal Improvement

In some areas, the difference between resetting and restarting can be fundamental. A look at two of those areas, including a look at my area.

In the Settings > System menu of the Apple TV, you'll find two options at the bottom: Reset and Restart.

One of them does the classic IT debugging thing of turning it off and on again, while the other deletes all your apps and settings. Do you know which is which:

[caption id="attachment_1685" align="alignleft" width="720"] Image lovingly "borrowed" from Apple's support website.[/caption]

I'm not sure how often people turn their Apple TVs off and on again, but I do it to mine every few days. I have an old audio system that likes to get out of sync for whatever reason, but a reset fixes it. (The same thing happened on my Roku.)

Sorry, did I say reset up there? It's a restart that fixes my problem, not a reset. (That wasn't an intentional mistake, but I'm leaving it because it proves my point.) It always takes me a few minutes to realize which option is which, which I always do, but I can see this going wrong in a hurry. Sure, the delete-everything-option has a confirmation prompt, but is that enough?

Imagine calling a friend for help: "My Apple TV isn't working." "Did you try resetting it?" "No, let me try that. A thing comes up that says am I sure I want to do that?" "Yeah, yeah, it's fine just press okay." "Alright it's resetting..." *two minutes later* "Hey, where are all my apps??" "Ummm, I have to ... go ... now."

Anyway, this could all be solved by adding a single word, Factory. Factory Reset is pretty clear and you can put it right next to Restart without causing any issues. So I guess what I'm saying is don't be clever with your naming, k?

Losing The Plot

My point is actually a different one though. I was thinking about the Apple TV thing recently because I had to restart it, and it pinned to my thoughts about this blog. I've been thinking that this blog needs a reset or a restart but I'm not sure which one.

I started this as a self-improvement project. It was supposed to be a document about getting better at life. Instead, I've been writing more about tech and pricing and cars and whatever nonsense comes to my mind in a given week.

This blog aside, my focus on self-improvement in my own life has waned in the last few years. I was making huge jumps for a while there, conquering mountains I never thought I would ... and then I stopped. Now, I find myself unsure of what I should do with myself and my time and it's easy to know why – I haven't been putting in the work. My Feed-Free 2018 is the first positive change I've made in a while and that's a pretty small mountain compared to others.

I write about what I think about and my mind is too often elsewhere.

So I could lean into this mental shift and Reset this blog – start over with a different topic and purpose. I could start a financial blog or a tech blog or focus on software development and management and the other things I do as a career but almost never write about here. Or I could come up with some different angle to point all the varied topics towards.

Or I could stick to my guns and Restart this blog – metaphorically turn if off and on again so it gets back to its original purpose of being a document of how I'm trying to improve my life.

Either way, it should be something an audience can easily understand and latch onto and find helpful in some way. Otherwise it's just me talking into an empty yogurt container and I already have a couple hours of my week set aside for that.