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One incredible night; one lazy Sunday


The launch for a new project got me feeling all the feelings.

Last night (as of writing, so 8 nights ago as of publishing) we had the launch party for the Crew Collective & Cafe, our new hybrid office space, co-working space and public cafe.

The place came together beautifully and the event was better than we could have asked for.

So today I was going to write about parties and the evolution of my relationship with them. How at first I was afraid, and then I craved them to fill a need, and now I like them but have no need for them. But - even though I don't drink - I feel like I've got a bad hangover. Like, full-body tired head-to-toe can't-believe-I'm-actually-typing tired.

So I'm just going to write a short note, attach a photo and let that be that for this week.

Here's a photo from the end of the night of some of our team. I'm incredibly fortunate to work with a team like this. Every single last damn one of them is amazing. Last night, surrounded by these people and hundreds of our guests in this stunning old bank that we've transformed into something else entirely, well, shit. That was a moment.

I hope you have moments like that in your life. And I hope you remember them. I'll never forgot this one:

[caption id="attachment_295" align="alignnone" width="2048"]The best damn team in all of sports The best damn team in all of sports[/caption]

For more info on the new space, check out the link above. There are also some great photos on Crew's Unsplash page.

Update: In case you doubted how tired I was, I didn't add 7 properly and accidentally scheduled this post for a Sunday :)