What I’m Doing Now

Given my post about having to choose carefully where we spend our time, I thought it would be nice to start a Now Page.

I’m living in Canada. This is what I’m doing with my time and life:

  • Management Consulting. I’ve been doing management of tech teams and consulting for growing startups. Have reduced my client list, mainly focusing on one, and I’m not taking on new ones.
  • Grapefruit. I’m working on Grapefruit, a mental health management app. I’ve completed my goal for releasing it on four platforms, and the feedback so far has been fantastic. Now we start the first marketing / feedback / improvement cycle.
  • Finance. Though still staying keenly aware of my finances, I’m trying to think less about money because I became a little obsessed with it and that led me to make some life choices that put money over life quality.
  • Writing. I was adding to this site weekly, then I pushed my schedule to less frequent, and now I’m full-in on Grapefruit so writing is pretty low priority. I’ll still write stuff now and then though.

Last updated: February 2019
This page will update as these focus items change.