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Me 16.0.1

This Project

A new beginning. Welcome to the new site.

Christmas just passed and I managed to go through the entire holiday season on a new diet.

No alcohol. No soda. No sweets. No chips. No desserts. Basically nothing unnaturally high in sugar or salt. (Interestingly, lots of fat is totally okay, but fat alone is never terribly appealing.)

I knew this would be a shock to the family.

"Why would you give those up? You poor bastard." - Everyone else

"It's slightly better than death I guess." - Me

Death is a little hyperbolic, even for me. This diet itself is only an experiment after all. The hypothesis: that I can mostly quell the recent uptick in stress, anxiety and physical symptoms†† through dietary changes.

Shit. Now's that's a sentence that a while back would've made me puke in a bucket and eat it. "Drugs and modern medicine are the answer, man, drugs!"

Cut to a doctor's office a year ago, where he says to me, "well the only thing I can do for you right now will probably make it worse."

Great. Thanks, doc.

Wait, back up, what are we doing here?

This is blog, obviously. This is the first (typically useless and boring) "welcome" post. You know, the one that gets written in a flurry of excitement and is the only thing that ever gets posted to the site. Assuming I go further, here's what this SHOULD be:

  • A blog largely about self-improvement, as I try to sort out what the the "next phase" of life looks like after a huge lifestyle change
  • A focus on how life changes as physical limitations increase and how to still squeeze out the awesome
  • More quickly-written daily thoughts, fewer well-researched and well-thought-out posts (to encourage me to write more)
  • Therapy, for me. I can help myself by getting thoughts of my head and onto the page.
  • Potential help, for you. I can help you by sharing thoughts and experiences that are often not shared. Sometimes all you need is to know someone else is going through the same ordeal.

Lesser topics may include: the transition from lone-wolf developer to busy startup co-founder; how to be good at relationships (of all kinds) when it doesn't come naturally; life, the universe and the insignificance of it all; and your mom.

She looks damn fine in dem jeans.

I love Doritos

There was a running joke in my family that I only ate foods ending in -os. Doritos, Oreos, Cheetos, Burritos. I also, after being stubbornly sober until age 24, became a bit of a drinker. And by "bit of" I mean could recite the "should you start AA" quiz from heart. (Do you ever drink to forget a bad day? Have you ever drunk so much you blacked out?)

So cutting out all of these foods - during the time of year others normally relax their dietary constraints - is a bold move.

On Christmas day, while 15 of my closet family sat around a dining room - everyone with a glass of wine next to their plates except me and the new family dog Penny - my cousin† asked: "So is Angus 2.0 able to have dessert?"

"2.0? M'dear,†† I've overhauled myself so many times this is more like Angus 17.0"

Angus 16.0

Well, it's 2016 and we can forgot about Angus 13. (That guy was a dick!) So 16.0 it is. It has a ring to it, like an old Nokia phone - kinda annoying, but you can't get it out of your head.

(You can hear that old ringtone in your head now, can't you? Sorry.)

It's true that I've climbed many hills and slain many dragons to get where I am. Our minds can be a scary wasteland of horrible things and somehow I found a way to find peace in mine.

I even planted a few tomato plants.

But my peaceful mental garden has been attacked once again. To such a degree this time, it destroyed my last relationship and has me seriously questioning the viability of life plans that seemed exciting and inevitable just a year ago.

Luckily, I'm always up for a good fight.

"Open your legs, invite them in"

If I've learned anything as Angus 15.0, it's the value in being open and transparent. There's huge value to both you and everyone around you in taking your deepest most private thoughts - no matter how embarrassing - and throwing them out on the table. It attracts those who are attracted to openness and repels those who are repelled by your true nature.

Both huge wins in my book.

Maybe someday I'll write that book. In the meantime, I'm gonna try a hand at this whole blogging deal again. And throw a lot of shit out on the table. It'll be more like an online diary that everyone else can read. Aren't you lucky?

Goals Systems

Not one to take on a project such as this without constraints and measures, I'm going to set up a system. You can follow along.

  1. Each post should do at least one of the following, and be categorized appropriately:

    • Make me scared to press 'publish'
    • Potentially help someone with a similar issue
    • Entertain me (I would've said 'be entertaining', but I don't know what entertains you at all)

  2. A regular-ish schedule should organically sort itself out after 3 months. At the worst, the schedule is monthly. If I can't do monthly, throw it out the window.
  3. Enable signups and track follower and readers from Day 1. (The best motivation to continue is knowing people are reading.)
  4. Post 5 times before I'm allowed to tell anyone about it.

I don't have any specific reader goals in mind. I've always liked the ol' "find 1, then find 10, then 100, then 1000" thing. So I'll aim for at least 1 reader to start.

(Your mom doesn't count.)

Sign up now!

There should be a little box on the page that'll let you subscribe to the mailing list. Do that now and you can win a prize! †††

Not interested? Well, why not sign up as a way to torture me a little? Every new post will be emailed to all subscribers and as that number increases I will become more and more terrified of pressing the 'publish' button.

Here we go, folks. I'm Angus 16.0. This should be good.


† I call this cousin "Fiona Moonpants" but I thought that would be too distracting to put inline

†† We're Newfies, this is how we talk, don't judge us

††† Contest not applicable to residents of Quebec or any of the other provinces, or the US, or the other countries in the UN. So if you live in Kosovo your chances are good.