What a handsome devil

I'm Angus, and I started this site in 2010. I was feeling lost, as we all do from time to time. But I had no idea if my life was actually good or not. I mean, how do you really know? I had good times. I had bad times. But how did it all add up?

And if it was broken, what was broken? What did I need to change?

I needed actual data on how I was feeling. I wanted to stop being swayed by my emotions from day to day. I needed perspective. Using myself as a guinea pig, I tooled and retooled to make a site that would answer those questinons. I researched mood therapies and mindfulness techniques to see what they had in common. I was going to hack myself to better mental health. And perhaps unbelievebly, it worked.

I ended up creating what I'm about to show you. And it changed everything.

It starts by answering a simple question...