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Hitler's vision could come true on Mars


A new master race could evolve through the physical limitations of space travel.

Nazis in space is hardly a new idea. If the movie Iron Sky is correct, they're on the dark side of the moon now waiting to come back and ... do something in 2018.

It wasn't a documentary though. I don't think. I'm not great at remembering movies.

But what was Hilter's point? Historians may argue with this, but I'm going to simplify it to "create a better, stronger, smarter human race."

I'm thinking we may actually do this. But not by killing the weak, by leaving them behind.

Space Travel is Rough

If you wanna qualify for space travel, you gotta pass intense physical, mental and emotional tests. You have to be in excellent physical health so your body can handle the intense forces, mentally fit to handle the journey, and smart as a mofo.

Let's say we want to colonize Mars. Given all the money it's going to cost, we're gonna screen for the absolute best candidates in all aspects to maximize chances for success. Any sort of disease? You stay on Earth. Bipolar? Earth. Think vector calculus is a breakfast cereal? Definitely Earth.

So Matt Damon gets to go. You and I don't.

Slow Roll

I don't believe we'll be sending a large number of people back and forth between planets for quite a while. 100s at least, maybe 1000s of years. Even the low-end of these estimates means we'll have to colonize it and reproduce there. So all the smartest and strongest humans will be reproducing to create and raise a colony of martians.

Sexy, brilliant Martians.

Extrapolate that out and if they manage to survive somehow they will be exactly what Hilter wanted, just on a different planet and probably not speaking much German.

The Expanse, a book series (and now a tv show) is what sparked this idea for me. 500 years out, the Martians are the most civilized and logical of the different planetary populations. I don't generally agree with most of the vision they (or most sci-fi) have for 500 years out but that particular take is interesting to me. It passes the futurism smell test.

I would find some quotes and examples from it to illustrate my point but that's not really what this blog is about. I'm just throwing thoughts at the wall over here.

"Natural" Selection

It's not hard to form the argument that we've stopped the natural selection engine of our species with medicine and cleanliness and technology. But I'm not sure about that. Perhaps we've just changed the timescale. We're no longer selecting for which human can outrun their pray on the African plains. Now it's who can get to the next planet.

Maybe that's not even on a different timescale than evolution. Maybe it's damn-spot-on and was fated to be our next phase of evolution.

Chances are it won't be you or me getting off this great green Earth. We're stuck here in the future's past. So if something in your life was bothering you this week, well, does it really matter? We'll be left behind anyway. Our space-traveling future generations of ultra-intelligent martians will view us as weak, broken cavemen.

For some reason I like this thought. It takes the pressure off.