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The Great Bookmark Purge

Personal Improvement

Every year I take all of my bookmarks and put them in an archive folder. It’s kinda like The Purge but with sites you won’t visit.

I don’t really have any content for this one, it’s kinda all there in the summary. You create a new folder in your bookmarks and shove all your bookmarks in there.

It looks like this when you’re done:

If you’re feeling extra enthusiastic, you can add a step where you delete everything you don’t need anymore. Like those articles you’ll never read or the item that you can’t remember why you wanted to buy that’s no longer on amazon anyway.

The idea is to start your browsing year fresh and see what new system of bookmarking emerges. Don’t be held back by your old self and what your old self thought was important. You’re a new [gender unspecified] person!

This is post #2 in my annual year-end-purge posts. Last year, I wrote about purging my idea list. Next year, who knows! Maybe I'll finally clean out my dryer's lint trap*.

* I shouldn't joke, clogged lint traps are a one way street to fiery death town. Merry Christmas!