Grapefruit is a privacy-first app for tracking your moods, keeping a journal, and managing your mental health. Unlike other apps which track your every move, Grapefruit has no login, no tracking scripts, and no server somewhere holding on to all of your data for all of eternity. It’s as private as your device is. So you never have to worry about your most private data being hacked, or using your intimate thoughts to sell you something.

With Grapefruit, you can do your daily reflection through writing, or selecting a numerical rating, or by any number of custom options you can configure just for you. You'll see real benefits just from taking this time each day to gain perspective. But you'll get even more from the results that Grapefruit will generate for you. Find surprising patterns in your behavior, and understand yourself better than you ever have.

One of the best things you can do for your mental health is keep a journal. They help you understand your thoughts, reduce stress, and many other benefits. So Grapefruit is centered around that. You'll see instant benefits from just journaling alone, but to get the most out of it, you can go deeper.

Do you know how often you have a good day? That’s one of the many things Grapefruit will show you. Why? Because it’s so much easier to weather the storms when you know exactly when the sun is coming. Now, how about days of the week? Or most common emotions? When you rate your days and track a few things, the results can be really impactful.

"This is a great app and it is truly making a difference in my life! I really love it and now I can't imagine a day without rating it here."
"I thought my life was filled with bad days. I'm discovering that I'm not having as many bad days as I thought. I'm already starting to have a more positive outlook on life. Great job, guys!"

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