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Grapefruit is now available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows!


With the release of the mobile versions, the app is err’where. Whatever your device, you can do your daily mental health check-in with Grapefruit!

Got an iPhone? Grapefruit!
Got an Android? Grapefruit!
Got a MacBook? Grapefruit!
Got a Dell, dude? Grapefruit!
Got a dollar and no breakfast? Grapefruit!
Got a Palm Pilot? No Grapefru... wait, why do you have a palm pilot?

Really though, there must be someone out there who still uses their Palm Pilot. We all don't throw away our devices when they're toddler-age. Whomever that is, I salute you!

Anyway, the point here: Grapefruit is now available on all of platforms for which I set out to make it available. Yee-haw!

How long did that take?

I started building it in March of 2018, so it took about 11 months from start to finish. That said, I really started building it back in 2011 when I was first poking around with Illuum. But there’s no reason to talk about that anymore, because, well:

Completing the first version of this new app in under a year wasn’t an easy project. In that time I've moved, worked full-time-and-a-little-more, done some video projects, and oh yeah there was that whole cancer thing.

I couldn't do everything though, and had to sacrifice writing time, for one thing. But I’m glad I made that trade-off. After thinking about all of my failed attempts at building things, it feels really good to have a, uh, release, even if it meant shelving this blog for a while.

The Four Horsemen Apps

The first platform released was macOS. It was easiest to start with the platform I would use to build all of them, so that's what I did. It was released in November of last year, as I was recovering from surgery. That wasn’t exactly my intent, but how it ended up that way is a whole other story.

The Windows version was released not long after. The Windows version is pretty similar to the macOS version:

But then it came time to bring it to mobile. I figured it would be easy to translate it down into a smaller screen size with the use of some side menus and moving some things around. For Android, that worked pretty well:

But that didn’t work well for iOS. On an iPad it was foolish, which needed something closer to the desktop UI, but even on an iPhone it didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel very iOS and something about burying the days in a side menu didn’t seem to match the navigation patterns of the platform.

I had to stop and have a re-think.

I dusted off my iPhone, picked up an iPad and spent some time with them. I then took my original interface concept and started stripping things back. I first noticed that I really liked the focused day view for writing. The more focus I could give writing, the better, it seemed. Even better, was a full-width stats view on an iPad. It was so ... personal. So it seemed tailoring each page to the device made the most sense, even if it would take extra time.

After a few variations, I landed on something I think is fantastic yet simple. Here are a couple examples, showing the new iOS Home screen and the full-width stats page on the iPad, as they are shown in the App Store:

Much better! It felt better than better, it felt right for mobile. Just like the initial Mac and Windows felt right for computers. Unfortunately, the pictures don't do them justice. When it's your own data, in your own hand, it's a different feeling. It made me wish I had brought the old app to mobile devices years and years ago.

Help Me Spread It!

If you can’t tell, I’m happier than a clam in pig shoes to have this first release out. I delayed it a couple of times to make sure it was really useful with this very first version, and I’m glad I did. Yes, there’s a ton I want to do to really make it even more useful (keep sending your suggestions!) but the next step is to spread the word.

And you can help!

Tweet about it, pin it, slap it, woom-droop it, print out screenshots and tape them to your almost-naked body and run through the streets at 3am ringing a bell. Whatever your usual method of sharing is, go for it. And if you don't wanna do it for me, do it for this fella:

He/she/they doesn't/don't have a name yet. Lil' Grapey? Grape von Fruit Jr? Logo With Face Dot P-N-G?

Hmmm, nope. I'm still no good at naming things.