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Get it done, you miserable sod

Personal Improvement

A rally call to do something. Anything. Just get 'er done.

(The title is me, talking to myself.)

I've often been commended for my general ability to just get on with things [citation needed]. That is, to stop talking or planning and instead dive in and get started with something. And then get it done.

For example, I'll be on the couch, talking to someone about banana bread recipes, they'll get up to use the bathroom and by the time they are done I've already got half of a batter mixed. Even if I don't have any bananas.

Another example: this week I was finishing up work for the day and thought, "my closet needs organizing."

It wasn't on my todo list or anything but with the addition of some bike gear it was starting to look like a Chinese traffic jam in there. And I had nothing to do that evening so I stood up out of my nice new work chair and went to the closet and pulled everything out and sorted it and labelled it and shoved in back in there. Now it's neat!

[caption id="attachment_464" align="alignnone" width="660"]I wish I had a before pic. Basically, picture all of this stuff not on shelves or in boxes but instead on in a big pile on the floor and also there was an old chair on top of it all. I wish I had a before pic. Basically, picture all of this stuff not on shelves or in boxes but instead on in a big pile on the floor and also there was an old chair on top of it all.[/caption]

Today I'm writing this post with aching feet after spending the day painting. Upon arrival home from PEI, I thought to myself, "oh man, this place again??" So I figured why not paint the whole damn thing a nice light grey instead of the default-white-and-space-grey it has been since I moved in.

The Biker Chick remarked, after seeing I had paint samples painted on my wall not two days after mentioned I wanted to point, "shit man, you don't waste time, do you?"

No ma'am, I do not.

And yet...

I'm actually terrible at this

I am constantly handicapped by Analysis Paralysis. I'll think about every small detail of every part of my life until I go mad.

It gets worse if I have to buy something. I'm am crippled by the Paradox of Choice. I'll read reviews and more reviews and make spreadsheets and think about every option until the very idea of buying anything is so unpleasant that I don't. This can be a good problem to have financially, but sometimes I'll make a large purchase just so I don't have to think about what to purchase anymore.

No joke, that's how I ended up with my iPhone 6. I didn't want one, I just wanted to stop thinking about upgrading my bloody phone.

So I run towards the solutions out of fear

I don't wanna let my anxiety get the better of me. I don't want to stumble around in the dark because I can't decide what colour temperature my lightbulbs should be. I don't want to know that some rechargeable batteries are a different voltage because I spend a day researching universal remotes and I know the lesser voltage of rechargeable batteries isn't high enough for some universal remote learning functions.

(True story.)

So, when an idea like painting comes up, I do it. Not because I want to, but because I don't want to constantly think about maybe doing it.

This probably has the net effect of making me looking like I have my shit together and that I really know how to plow through a todo list when, in fact, I'm just doing my best not to go insane.

You wouldn't like me when I'm insane.

Do the dishes when you're sad

No one likes doing the dishes. Sometimes I do them when I'm feeling a little down thinking, "well you're sad anyway ... doing the dishes sucks, why not combine them? At least then you'll be sad with a clean kitchen."

Likewise when I get a cold, I clean the bathtub.

I'm not sure I have a point with all this except: we're robots, easily programmable and swayed by even ourselves. Use that to your benefit.

So: go do something you wretched tosser.

Some of this week's vernacular brought to you by England. England — talking funny since the 12th century.

Fun fact: I actually put this post live 12 hours too early when it was still just a draft b/c I confused 01h00 with the usual publishing time of 13h00, which is actually 09h00 in the real world. One day I'll change the location and locale on my server so I can actually schedule it for 9am like a proper North American.

Any racism in this post is purely accidental.