Add a little financial responsibility to your life ... but not too much. Forget about budgets you'll never stick to and spreadsheets that suck the joy from Sundays. Count Your Money is an app in which you do exactly that ... count your money. That's all you have to do. The math will be done for you, and over time you'll get a clear picture of your long-term financial situation.

Past, Present and Future

You'll find everything you need in so-incredibly-obvious-why-would-you-do-it-any-other-way Past, Present and Future pages. Curious how your future is looking? Go to the Future section. It's so simple I just wasted your time telling you.

Speaking of your future...

You can put in how much money you want to live on when you're done working, and keep an eye on that sweet sweet retirement life. But only one eye, now and then. Like a glass eye you take out from time to time to scare children.

More, If You Want It

You can see a detailed log of all the money you've counted, if you do in fact like spreadsheets. You can also export to (and import from) CSV files for use with other software, or if you want to move up to a more complex app. It's your data, so you can do what you want with it.

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