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And We're Back

This Project

After three months away from publishing here, it’s time to turn on the ol’ word machine again.

Sometimes you need a break to get some distance and figure out why you’re doing what you’re doing.

On this site I tend to analyze a lot of my thoughts, which is great to get them out of your head, but tricky when you don’t think you have that many new thoughts worth analyzing.

So I took three months away from writing. It was great.

I also had to get out of Montreal (and my life in general) for a while so I drove over 5,000kms across Atlantic Canada on a 35-day road trip. I ended up as far east as you can go and spent some extended quality time with my family.

Every time I’ve visited them I’ve been distracted by “actual” life. With a few weeks, and no work to think about, I was able to actually enjoy spending time with them. Hikes and dinners and campfires and all that.

I also picked up a Fitbit with constant heart-rate monitoring to see how active I was, and how good I was sleeping. I’m in the “extremely healthy” heart range, it tells me, but I’m not sleeping nearly as much as I thought. Still need to do some work there.

That’s kind of what the summer theme turned out to be — health. Walk more, bike more, sleep enough. Surround myself with people more often. Better relationships. Health is a constant battle and it’s more than just diet and exercise. Well, maybe just one more thing. Diet, exercise and relationships.

Which brings us to September. (Lots more happened over the summer but that’s for me.)

Now that my head is solidly back on my shoulders and it’s soon fall, it’s time to figure out the big things. Scratch that, the slightly-less-big things. Health and family and friends are the big things. I think I’m done with the work-first mentality that carried me through the last five years.

But I do love to work and I do need a new project. And a new place to live to go with it, be it still here in Montreal or somewhere else across this great land. It’s time to figure out those big things.

I’m looking for a development management job / project. Something that combines leadership, team management, project management and some good ol’ fashioned coding. If you know of anything like that, throw it my way.

I’ve finally filled out my LinkedIn page. Add me, and if you like what I write here, why not endorse me for writing or wasting your time.

There’s also a new About page here as well.

And as always, if there’s anything I can help you with along your journey, do let me know.

It’s good to be back.