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Ambition vs. contentment

Personal Improvement

Ambition or contentment? Which is the "right" path to strive towards for you?

This topic is something I mentally grapple with quite frequently. It's as difficult as choosing the right bathroom in an Irish pub. (Men use Fir, cause Men are furry, btw.)


There's a lot of damn cool things to do in this life. Success at them is pretty much guaranteed if you can never give up. And even you try your entire life and never get far, you'll have had a good time trying.

(But I doubt you can show me many cases of a life full of tried-hard-but-always-failed.)

So what do you want to do? Doesn't matter.

I've always had a long list of things that would be great to accomplish but I can't decide what to head towards. Worse, I can't decide if I SHOULD decide. Maybe it's pointless to keep gaining a better job or more money or more meaningful relationships or nicer clothes or a bigger rice field or a drug that makes someone die less soon.


Maybe the real trick is being happy with what you have, no matter how "little" it may be. Accepting who you are and where you are and that other people will have things you want and that's okay because you don't need any of that.

You're just you and that's great.


I like this a lot. More than happiness, being content and peaceful seems like a very appealing prospect. Quieting the mind.

But, really, is that any different than just waiting to die?

Maybe we should all just wait to die. What's the point of anything, really?

Doesn't matter, just choose

I think really, either are fine. Or a nice mix. The value is in choosing and being okay with that choice and dedicating yourself towards it. Like with careers or cities or woman.

And yet my mind wobbles back and forth.

Maybe I just need to be okay that I'll never decide which route is better, I'll always change my mind, and that's okay because that's who I am. Ambitious sometimes. Content, others.

I think we need a new word for that. I got it: contentious!