this is me

I’m Angus from Montréal. I work in tech and am currently doing management at Zapier, and building Grapefruit, a mental health app.

I write about maintaining mental health and making things, mostly computer software things. Sometimes other things.

Better Living

This site is a living document of me getting better at life. Like learning how to be a better friend or understanding our relationship with fashion or looking at the clock math so I’m always on time.


I’m currently working on Grapefruit.

Previously I co-founded Crew, an online talent marketplace aimed at rethinking the way we work. We grew Crew and sold it five years later.

During that time, we also started Unsplash, a photography community, and the Crew Collective and Café.


I know this page is supposed to be about me, but how can I help you? I wouldn’t be where I am without lots of help from great people so I love to do the same for others when I can. I generally advise people in three areas: starting a business, managing teams and building software. Need help with any of those? Let’s chat.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.