I’m Angus. I live in Montréal, grew up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, and am some sort of entrepreneur / manager / programmer / writer / burger hybrid.

Better Living

This site is a living document of me getting better at life. Like learning how to be a better friend or understanding our relationship with fashion or looking at the clock math so I’m always on time.


Back in 2012, I co-founded Crew, an online talent marketplace aimed at rethinking the way we work. We grew Crew and sold it five years later. During that time, we also started Unsplash, a photography community, and the Crew Collective and Café, a stunning cafe and co-working space in Old Montreal. I’ve also created some not-for-profit side projects along the way, like Illuum, a site for tracking life quality.

Managing and Programming

I was for many years a programmer, but have become more interested in building software teams and creating a place people enjoy working. Great managers are the key to great companies and I think management is a skill we don’t spend enough time honing.


Most of my popular posts are about money. Talking about money can be so boring but I find that, behind the usual math-based advice, there’s more to be said. Like the subjective, emotional side of how we spend money and how our desires go against our financial interests. And how to manage money without too much thought, like investing smarter without learning what a market is.

(Disclaimer: I am just a person and have no responsibility to give you good advice. Any consequences of your actions influenced by what I write are not my fault. Do your homework. Don’t trust anyone. Not even the guy telling you not to trust people.)


I know this page is supposed to be about me, but how can I help you? I wouldn’t be where I am without lots of help from great people so I love to do the same for others when I can. I generally advise people in three areas: starting a business, managing teams and personal finances. Need help with any of those? Let’s chat.

You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I publish a new post every Monday unless I’m taking a break.

Thanks for reading. I’m this happy you’re here: