I’m Angus. I’m one of the co-founders of Crew and a hand-model for Unsplash. I live in Montréal, grew up in Newfoundland, and sometimes I think life is actually worth living.

This blog is a living document of me trying to be better at life. Like learning how to be a better friend or understanding our relationship with fashion or trying to figure out my purpose.

Sometimes I get a little abstract and explore how weird our minds are and show you how I trick my own mind into getting things done.

I write about whatever is most prevalent in my mind each week, in hopes it hits home with some of you. Some weeks there’s not a lot going on up here. That’s okay too!

Perhaps my most talked about posts are about money. Talking about money can be so boring but I find that, behind the usual math-based advice, there’s more to be said. Like the subjective, emotional side of how we spend money and how our desires go against our financial interests. And how to manage money without too much thought, like investing smarter without learning what a market is.

(Disclaimer: I am just a person and have no fiduciary duty to give you good advice. Any consequences of your actions influenced by what I write are not my fault. Do your homework. Don’t trust anyone. Not even the guy telling you not to trust people. Also buy me fresh fruit whenever you get the chance.)

You’ll occasionally find me talking about tech as well, like an Apple Watch review or a Twitter experiment or lamenting that tech products are so boring.

And this one time I wrote about Hitler and space. I probably won’t do that again.

So, yeah.

I publish a new post every Monday unless it’s summer. Check back each week or be laid back and subscribe. It’s a good way to get motivated for your week; you read my ramblings and think: hell, I can do life better than this guy. Let’s get this week going!

Thanks for reading.

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