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A regular release schedule - turning this into a habit

This Project

In which I decide to turn this blog into a weekly writing habit.

One thing that works really well with my snack days are the regularity. And the concrete-ness of the dates. They are on the 10th, 20th and 30th of every month. Easy to predict, no guesswork.

For example, it my snack day rule was "once a week" and I had one on Tuesday, could I have another on Sunday? Is that the same week?

When setting up a system, simplicity is your friend.

And I like rules. They're repeatable, scalable and maintainable. I wish more people would follow the rules in life in general but hey, you're gonna do what you're gonna do.

You wanna chew gum on the sabbath while jaywalking while carrying a sofa poorly strapped to your back while screaming profanities at children while not wearing pants while urinating yourself? Who am I to stop you. Well, I mean, don't do that, but I sure as hell won't get close enough to that mess of a person to stop him/her/it/that/ugh.

ANYWAY, even though this blog is still in the trial / conceptual phase, the lack of structure hasn't been working well for me. While my cup overfloweth with ideas, I'm not getting enough drafts down. I'll often think in the morning "oh hey, I'll chill tonight and get some blogging in" and then I make a date loaf instead.

(This is not to be confused with "making a date loaf" which is something I used to do often b/c I was too tired to take my romantic partner out of the house. But that's another post.)

I rolled a seven-sided die

Mondays are not my favourite day. Even though I don't have a set schedule at all, I still don't jive with Mondays. I don't even have to get up or get dressed. I'm not hungover anymore. Still hate 'em. It's like I can feel the world's collective discomfort.

So I'm gonna publish a new post every damn Monday. I have no good reason to do so other than I wanna. Maybe it'll make Mondays more fun. Maybe all they need a little salt to bring out the flavour, y'know?

But I won't actually write it on Monday. I'll write them on a week delay and auto-queue them on Sunday. Each Sunday I'll sit down, do some last-minute re-touching† of the latest post, queue for the next morning, then find or create another draft for the following week. And do some writing if I don't have a decent draft kicking around.

Draft & Publish Sundays I'll call them, or DP Sundays for short.

Habit #2, check (please?)

There are a mountain of things I wanna get better at this year, but I'm trying very hard to only do one new thing at a time. A big mistake is changing too much too fast.

First up, was the new diet and snack day. I think I got that in the bag. It's very habitualized now and you can wave a 25-year-old scotch with a licorice straw in front of my face and I won't flinch††.

A lot of habits I want to build center around writing. So, habit #2 will be publishing something on this blog every week. This is a big one and if I nail this one I will be very happy about it. A regular blog is one of those things I've always wanted to have but delayed or tried and quickly pushed aside for other projects. I'm far from the only one

Most importantly, I must allow myself every other vice and bad habit while I get this one cemented. That means watching tv as much as I want, not worrying about my terrible sleeping schedule, yelling at strangers on the bus - whatever. Improvement in other areas doesn't matter right now. I just have two things to focus on.

Diet. Blogging.

Wish me luck. If I'm still going strong every Monday in, say, August, we'll know it worked.


I'm most excited about the touching

†† I felt like I should follow this up with a joke about a 25-year-old Scottish woman in my face. I didn't, but you can pretend I did if it makes you feel better.