2016-2019 Blog Archive

From 2016 to 2019 I wrote a weekly-ish blog on a little bit of everything. The most common topics were mental health, personal improvement and finance. There was also a bit of whaaaaaaat mixed in. These are all the articles.

Where All The Words Be, Sir?

Some folks have asked why I haven't written anything in a while. Good question! But a false one: I've written plenty of stuff, I just haven't posted any of it. Here's some thinking behind that.

Grapefruit is now available for iOS, Android, Mac and Windows!

With the release of the mobile versions, the app is err’where. Whatever your device, you can do your daily mental health check-in with Grapefruit!

Moving Past What-I-Got-For-Christmas Lists

This is not really about Christmas. It’s about caring too much about what other people think and how that trait of mine is slowing eroding away.

I Got Skin Cancer at 35. Here's What That's Like.

I avoid the sun, I’ve never been in a tanning booth, I try to keep my skin Casper-white (the ghost, not the mattress) and yet I ended up with skin cancer in my 30s. Here’s what it’s been like both procedurally and mentally. Spoiler alert for those who wanna wait until their 70s.

Not Broken Enough To Fix

You know those things that are broken a little bit but you continue to live with without fixing? Like a door that sticks in winter but still closes with a little hip-check. Or a car that makes a loud noise when you reverse slowly but otherwise drives just fine? Or a toothbrush that should be replaced according to the blue “wear indicator” stripe but you know is just fine for another month? I’m kinda that.

Absolutely Fifty Percent

There are a lot of guidelines about how often or how much we should do or have of a certain thing. Those are handy, but let’s add some realism to the mix and lower the bar so we can stumble over it.

7 Startups I Never Started Up

If a startup starts in the forest but no one is around to be a user, does it really exist?

Say Hello To Grapefruit, The Mental Health Management App!

An update on the newly-named Grapefruit. It has a name and is in the final testing phase!

A Totally Real Conversation That Absolutely Happened

A long time ago in a village or something somewhat far away.

Rethinking Life Quality Tracking For 2018 & Beyond

I’m rebuilding Illuum, the life tracking app. A little bit of why and a look at the new prototype!

The Missing Third Piece Of The Work-Life Balance Equation

Work-life balance is a good thing, right? Something worth talking about and fighting for? If so, then why does the mention of it make the skeptical hairs on the back of my neck stand at attention? There’s something wrong here.

Alright, Fine, I’m An Introvert

As I keep trying to push my life further, I keep coming up against the same brick wall: my introversion. It’s a wall I didn’t want to accept existed but embracing it has too many benefits to ignore.

Having Trouble (With) 101

Writing without thinking is better when you're drinking. Too bad I wrote this sober because it goes straight to nowhere.

One Hundred Of Something Is More Than Zero Of Nothing

After 100 posts I offer up some stats, some thoughts and a poop emoji or two.

It Takes 9.5 Hours To Sleep For 8 Hours

The big surprise result from tracking my sleep for the past year is how much time I spend awake during seemingly restful nights.

Getting The Wants Right

That may sound like a confusing title but it’s only because it’s the goddamn key to everything in your entire universe in four words. You have to want the right things.

Happiness Hack: Stay Busy Doing Pointless Things

Staying busy is a quality tool to keep the mind running smooth. It works even if the things you keep busy with are completely pointless.

Writing A Short Introduction

I wanted to write a short bio for this site. But trying to describe yourself in a paragraph is like eating watermelon on a trampoline. It feels stupid and even if you succeed it makes you take a long, hard look at yourself.

No Post Today

This one doesn't count.

Reset or Restart?

In some areas, the difference between resetting and restarting can be fundamental. A look at two of those areas, including a look at my area.

Why Am I ... Me?

Sometimes I have to pause whatever I'm doing for a moment and deal with the question of why I'm me.

A Monkey In The Sock Drawer

Technology is not great at being helpful. I want technology that is useful, not helpful, and that’s a big distinction.

Grand Theft Shrink

At the end of Grand Theft Auto V, you get a report from the in-game shrink outlining your personality traits. Mine was scary close to reality.

Subscription Suspicion

Subscriptions have always been difficult to cancel, but I had a couple services take it to a new level recently. Put on your tin foil hats, it's conspiracy time!

My New iBook Is An HP

15 years ago I got my first Mac and it was rather useless. Today I'm reliving that experience after picking up a Windows laptop.

For The Price Of A Movie

How much do we pay for entertainment? How much should we pay? Should we compare those things to movie ticket prices? Find out more here!

Feed-Free 2018

It's a new year and here's a small thing to make you a little happier: stop browsing unlimited content feeds. Become a seeker instead.

Here's A Bunch Of Stuff!

Merry Christmas, I got you a bunch of stuff.

The Great Bookmark Purge

Every year I take all of my bookmarks and put them in an archive folder. It’s kinda like The Purge but with sites you won’t visit.

A Fistful Of Food Formulas

Here are some recipes that have stayed in my regular rotation, either because they are easy and/or give a good yield of leftovers and/or are straight-up yum y'all.

You Work For A Moving Company

As do I. As does everyone. No matter what you do, the end result is that things start in one place at the beginning of the day, and they end up somewhere else at the end of the day.

Yes, No No Reply Please

The greatest trick the marketing devils ever pulled is convincing you that you shouldn’t reply. About those foolish noreply email addresses.

A New Newsletter Is Born

The unstoppable force of very gradual progress comes to this site’s newsletter. Finding a simple new-post newsletter setup without paying too much wasn’t as easy as I expected.

Occasional Usage Software Licenses

There should be a cheaper option for apps you don’t use very often.


It’s oh, so … shhhh.

Why I Still Use An Android

There’s only one compelling reason that I keep using my Android.

Updating Old Posts

Putting new clothes on corpses.

Photos of a trip to Vermont and some general thoughts on gratitude

Thanksgiving weekend, mountain biking, and leaves. So many leaves!

Making Great Software Is Like Making Great Food

Every little thing has to be magic

Uncreative Naming Is Better

I would always try to come up with creative names. Here's why I've stopped doing that.

One Free Underpants Year

Take an entire year off, use that time to learn about investing, and you can end up with the same amount or more money in the end.

What parts of the Internet would you pay for?

If every site cost you something, what would you pay for?

The Price of a Coffee

Comparing the price of a digital product to that of a cup of coffee always makes my eyebrows move in a skeptical manner.

And We're Back

After three months away from publishing here, it’s time to turn on the ol’ word machine again.

Summer Hiatus

If TV can take the summer off, so can I.

Significant Reductions

I'm trying some dietary changes using feelings, not rules.

A Better Day Is A Checklist Away

Before I accept that a day is a write-off, I have a checklist to go through. If I do them all and I still don't feet energized, then I know it's okay to wait until tomorrow.

The Power Of Streaks

There's great motivation to be found in doing something regularly without interruption. But is that a good thing?

The Volkswagen Beetle is Too Damn Nice

After three-quarters of a year, my Beetle is even harder to understand than before.

Don't Stop When You Get To The Top

I pushed myself to the limit and then came to an abrupt halt. And then the world went dark and I sat in a pile of ants. Story of a bike ride gone bad.

The Importance Of Every $10

A recurring monthly charge of $10 takes a shocking amount of time off of your retirement.

What do you do after selling your company?

What should one do after selling a company? Besides growing out your Al Gore beard, of course.

The Last Five Years (at Crew)

A look back on the company, the myth, the legend. And what it feels like to sell your (figurative) baby.

What's so bad about bags?

Why does adding the suffix -bag make something worse? Bags are great!

Are You Happy? Illuum 7 Years Later

Seven years ago I created an app to track moods. It's still being used today. Time for a status update.

Load-Balancing The Population

Everything is better when you break out of the standard life structure.

Earning is for now. Spending is forever.

Why it's a bad idea to line your budget up with your income.

Photos of a trip to Florida and some general thoughts on company retreats

Our company went to Florida for our annual company retreat. I'm still not sure how I feel about them.

Kickstarter Scorecard

Is Kickstarter a good service? Here's everything I've backed there and the outcome.

Return of The Mac

Large retail stores are winning not just because they have better prices but because they make the worst part of shopping easier: the return.

Review: Kellogg’s To Go Cup

Tired of eating cereal at home? Kellogg's has a solution in their To Go Cup. Here's a full review.

How Would You Act During Wartime?

Have you ever thought about how you'd act if there was a war going on around you?

Is The RRSP Contribution Limit High Enough?

RRSPs are a great mechanism for retirement savings but if you contribute the maximum allowed each year for your entire working life, will you have enough to retire?

I Fucking Hate Doing This Sometimes

Sometimes I'd rather put my index finger in a rotting potato than write another post. But I god damn do it anyway.

Charge Your Phone Faster

The hardware included with your phone is probably not the fastest way to charge it.

The Solution To Every Problem is a Checklist

Checklists were sent from the heavens to ease our suffering. They are no less than Gods themselves.

It Takes 60 Hours to Work 40 Hours Per Week

Always feel like you don't have enough time in the week? Well, guess whose fault that is: your old pal Math.

A New Look Is Born

I designed a new look for this site. Here's a breakdown of the process.

All the things I'm not going to write about in 2017

During 2016, I generated a long list of article ideas. But I'm gonna leave them in 2016. Here are the best and dumbest ones that won't get written.

This is not a real post. This is only a test.

This is a test of the emergency blogcast system. Please do not be alarmed.

When your race doesn't start

Every day isn't created equal. This is about one of the bad ones and how it relates to rally racing, my favourite motor sport.

What it's like owning a car in a big city

I've only owned a car while living in a small town. So I was apprehensive about owning one in a big(-ish) city. Here're some things that make me happy and sad about it.

Alcohol & Working From Home

One year ago I gave up drinking, but picked up a different vice: working from home. You’d be surprised how similar they are.

Don't be afraid of the big bad SEO

Think SEO is douche-y? Or a dark art? Witchcraft? It's not. It's simple, it's logical and it's a topic everyone who works on the web should understand.

MacBook Pros or PCs -- what laptops should we cover in stickers next?

The 2016 MacBook Pros are disappointing but is that the thing we should be caring about?

Joke purchases, Halloween candy, and our messed up value of money

I bought a funny domain name for this site and also I don't like Halloween. Somehow I connect those two things into one post.

The $1,000 Shopping Binge

This is the story of a shopping binge. In four hours I spent more than I ever have on a month's rent.

Best Android Phones October 2016 SEO Digital Marketing iPhone Apple Google Samsung

I switched to Android. It was really hard to figure out which phone to buy though. Here's a look at the top contenders and what I actually went with.

The most important rule of being a good leader

Herein lies the golden rule of managing a team of actual human people.

Getting Back Up: The Story of Elroy

Sometimes life knocks you down. Here's how a bug gave me the strength to get back up.

Photos of a trip to Newfoundland and some general thoughts on home

Newfoundland had always been "home" until I left. Can you truly ever find another home though? Some thoughts.

Comfort and Control

What amount of comfort should you strive to have in your life? What about control?

I love you, wires

Wireless devices are always troublesome. I prefer to avoid the trouble and just use wires.

I hate paying money to spend my money; how I avoid bank fees

Bank fees make me angry and sad. I try to avoid them where I can but, sometimes, you've gotta buy a car.

Do you care what your car choice says about you?

Should we care what other people think about our choices? Let's use cars as an example.

We feel wrong

The results of impostor syndrome, cognitive biases and lots of other odd mind mechanisms mean we often feel the opposite of the way we should.

You don't know how expensive something is unless you pay for it in cash

Cash is a great way to "feel" the actual amount of an expense. But sometimes hiding behind plastic is a good thing.

Don’t test drive your next car

Trying to make a choice makes us miserable and less happy with the result. Do yourself a favour and fall in love with your next car by not choosing it.

Get it done, you miserable sod

A rally call to do something. Anything. Just get 'er done.

Photos of a trip to PEI and some general thoughts on travel

I don't enjoy travel like I used to. So I took a trip to PEI to think about why.

Where is all the fun tech hardware?

Phones and computers are so boring. I want something a little more wild with wings for those heavy days and ribs for her pleasure.

Is Twitter worth our time?

For a week I tweeted a ton more than I normally do to see what would happen. Here are the results.

Are you drowning in your MER?

If you bought mutual funds from your bank, you're probably paying more in fees that you realize. And you don't need to.

Summer in Montreal

I'm not writing much this week; I'm out enjoying summer.

I got a new bike: a process analysis + pretty pictures.

I (finally) got a new bike. Here's how I busted past the decision paralysis and chose which bike to get.

Doritolingo -- learn a foreign language by eating chips

Every year or so I try to make Duolingo a habit. Here's 2016's attempt.

What should I write this week?

A conversation with my imaginary editor after not having a good topic to write about.

What can you do in 2 hours per week?

I spent two hours per week working on this site. What can you do in that about of time?

The Unnecessary Pressure of Dressing Well

I used to put a lot of pressure on myself to dress well. I'm starting to relax both my attitude and the fit of my clothes.

One incredible night; one lazy Sunday

The launch for a new project got me feeling all the feelings.

A Possible Purpose

Maybe there's a reason I go through all of the shit that I go through.

One Year With an Apple Watch: The Seven Sins Review

A review of the Apple Watch. It's like wearing a normal watch, but different.

It's Okay

Let's all take the pressure off and remember that all you do is just a normal part of life and it's okay. You can relax.

WTF dating, you make no sense

Emotions are more useful than I ever knew. Can't deal with the other humans without them.

I Dream of Death

One night a had a realistic dream where I died. Freaked me right the hell out.

The dangerous and useless desire of wanting a nicer home

It's okay to want a nicer home now and then. It's not okay to always want a nicer home.

A Metaphorical Tube of Conversation Lube

Writing, though a solitary activity, has actual brought people closer to me by opening up new areas of discussion.

Be a less terrible friend by scheduling your minimum viable friendship

Don't be afraid to schedule time with the people most important to you. Your calendar is not just for work.

28 vs 33 vs 38

As I turned 33, I look forward and backward 5 years and try to find patterns.

Hitler's vision could come true on Mars

A new master race could evolve through the physical limitations of space travel.

A regular release schedule - turning this into a habit

In which I decide to turn this blog into a weekly writing habit.

Ambition vs. contentment

Ambition or contentment? Which is the "right" path to strive towards for you?

The Most Important Thing I've Ever Done

This blog could be the best thing I've ever done. (Update: It's okay.)

How I found faith and was probably blasphemous at the same time

You've gotta believe in yourself if you don't believe in a higher power.

How to have more energy than you'll know what to do with and also make it seem like Christmas comes every 10 days

Giving up sugar and snacks increased my energy by an insane degree.

Me 16.0.1

A new beginning. Welcome to the new site.