Where All The Words Be, Sir?

Some folks have asked why I haven’t written anything in a while. Good question! But a false one: I’ve written plenty of stuff, I just haven’t posted any of it. Here’s some thinking behind that.

I Got Skin Cancer at 35. Here’s What That’s Like.

I avoid the sun, I’ve never been in a tanning booth, I try to keep my skin Casper-white (the ghost, not the mattress) and yet I ended up with skin cancer in my 30s. Here’s what it’s been like both procedurally and mentally. Spoiler alert for those who wanna wait until their 70s.

Not Broken Enough To Fix

You know those things that are broken a little bit but you continue to live with without fixing? Like a door that sticks in winter but still closes with a little hip-check. Or a car that makes a loud noise when you reverse slowly but otherwise drives just fine? Or a toothbrush that should be replaced according to the blue “wear indicator” stripe but you know is just fine for another month? I’m kinda that.

Absolutely Fifty Percent

There are a lot of guidelines about how often or how much we should do or have of a certain thing. Those are handy, but let’s add some realism to the mix and lower the bar so we can stumble over it.