You know that thing where someone writes about things, and they send it out to a bunch of people, and those people read it for a while and then eventually unsubscribe? Well I’m doing one of those things.


Grapefruit is a highly-customizable, privacy-first app for tracking your moods, keeping a journal, and managing your mental health. I wanted to make an app that can be really customized to match your unique situation. And one that doesn't track you, has no login, doesn't use tracking scripts, and doesn't have a server somewhere holding on to all of your data.

The things we write and experience can be very personal, so we need a customized experience and it just didn't feel right for that information to live anywhere but our own computers.


Count Your Money is a super-simple app for keeping track of you money and making sure you're on track for retirement. I wanted to create an app that mirrors my own process -- a very simple way to keep a high-level view of your money. I don't use budgets or spreadsheets. I just count my money and plot the trends.

Count Your Money will be released very soon for macOS and Windows. Sign up to the email list above for updates.


The fourth item I want to put on this list still doesn't have a name. Or screenshots or graphics to show off. I'm working on a few concepts, but I wanna create something more fun. And maybe a little pointless for pure creativity's sake. I'll probably be writing about it to the email list if you're curious.


And this is where I'm totally going to cheat and use the last item to list out everything else that doesn't get a full numeral.

  • Follow me on Twitch where I'll be streaming some wildly unpopular games from time to time.
  • I don't have anything else to put here right. So I think this list format turned out to be a bit of premature optimization.
  • Join my Discord chat where we can chat or play games together.
  • Starting in the summer, I'm thinking about experimenting with some standing video call slots, so anyone can book a call. I used to do these with a mentorship program and had some really great convos. I'll send out more info to the email list when I sort it out.