Getting The Wants Right

That may sound like a confusing title but it’s only because it’s the goddamn key to everything in your entire universe in four words. You have to want the right things.

Writing A Short Introduction

I wanted to write a short bio for this site. But trying to describe yourself in a paragraph is like eating watermelon on a trampoline. It feels stupid and even if you succeed it makes you take a long, hard look at yourself.

Why Am I … Me?

Sometimes I have to pause whatever I’m doing for a moment and deal with the question of why I’m me.

A Monkey In The Sock Drawer

Technology is not great at being helpful. I want technology that is useful, not helpful, and that’s a big distinction.

Grand Theft Shrink

At the end of Grand Theft Auto V, you get a report from the in-game shrink outlining your personality traits. Mine was scary close to reality.

Subscription Suspicion

Subscriptions have always been difficult to cancel, but I had a couple services take it to a new level recently. Put on your tin foil hats, it’s conspiracy time!

My New iBook Is An HP

15 years ago I got my first Mac and it was rather useless. Today I’m reliving that experience after picking up a Windows laptop.